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Is SSN Simple legit?

Yes! SSN Simple is a legit company registered and operated in the USA. We employ American workers to review and process your documents.

We work hard to provide the best Social Security card services and make sure you receive your Social Security card replacement as fast as possible.

We provide the most efficient and convenient packages for you to get a:  

  • New Social Security card
  • Social Security card replacement
  • Name change on your Social Security card
  • Date of birth update on your Social Security card

Our application packages are created to help you save time and eliminate the hassle of dealing with government bureaucracy. With our system, you can order your Social Security card from home through the mail. By using our service, you will avoid any mistakes on your application, and you’ll know exactly which forms of ID and other paperwork you need to provide. You’ll save time by not having to communicate back and force with the slow Social Security Administration, and you won’t have to go in person to the SSA office. Instead, you will be able to apply completely from home, safely and conveniently.

Both of our packages include a pre-filled, accurate SS-5 form, a list of the identification documents you will need to provide, a pre-paid, secure envelope that is trackable from your customer interface, and detailed instructions on how to get your Social Security application ready.

We stay up-to-date on the Social Security Administration’s requirements, and we use USPS First Class mail with tracking numbers. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, so if you encounter any issue with your application, we will provide you with a full refund right away.

If you would like to know more about our technology and security, please check our next article:

-> You can check our security measures here

If you prefer to apply for your Social Security card in person, that’s ok! You can find your nearest SSA office location with our SSA office locator. You can go in person to the office to apply, or go through the complex SS-5 form explanation to get your application for free from the SSA website. You can read our article on the SS-5 form here to learn more about it.

We also invite you to check out our articles about Social Security benefits and learn why getting your Social Security card is so important. You will need a Social Security card to:

  • Apply for Social Security benefits
  • Apply for unemployment assistance
  • Start a new job
  • Work as an independent contractor
  • Get approved for a credit card
  • Open a bank account
  • Secure a mortgage
  • Change immigration status

Find about Social Security with SSN Simple. We made Social Security Easy, order your social security card replacement from your home or office in one click.

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