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SSN Simple goals and values

The SSN SIMPLE goal is to simplify the complex Social Security card application process. We provide online assistance to help customers order a new or replacement Social Security card, find their closest Social Security Administration (SSA) office, and learn more about Social Security Benefits.

We believe that people should be able to focus on what really matters, instead of wasting hours dealing with unnecessary government bureaucracy. So, we have worked hard to eliminate the hassle that comes with applying for government documents. We are here to make sure that you are able to get what you need quickly and efficiently, without the headache of dealing with a government entity. The idea is for our customers to be able to accomplish these tasks from the comfort of their own home. Our number one goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We addressed your concerns

Is SSN Simple legit?

Yes! SSN Simple is a legit company registered and operated in the USA. We employ American workers to review and process your documents. We work hard to provide the best Social Security card services and make sure you receive your Social Security card replacement as fast as possible. We provide...

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Is SSN Simple safe?

Yes! We use the latest encryption technology to keep your most sensitive data encrypted, from the time it is input to the time we prepare your application documents. Our entire website is protected under 256-bit SSL encryption. Check out this article explaining the importance of using SSL for a merchant...

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